Gojeb Agricultural Development

Gojeb Agricultural Development expansion projects include the introduction of modern agricultural technologies.

Gojeb Agricultural Development is one of the major source of organic fruits and vegetables in Ethiopia. Located within Ethiopia's largest rainforest in Keffa Zone, the farm area of Gojeb is bordered by the magnificent Gojeb River to its northeast and a natural forest-covered escarpment to the south. It lays in an exceptionally suitable agro-ecological setting for pineapple production with abundant land and water resource.

Gojeb Agricultural Development used to be owned by four private individuals prior to its nationalization in 1975. Like many other state owned farms, prices of its produces, especially maize, were regulated centrally till recent times by the government in favor of consumers. This in turn had slowed growth and development of the farm creating financial constraints. Since July 2013 Gojeb Agricultural Development was transferred to HORIZON Plantations PLC, who had promised to expand the farm operations, with a special emphasis on introducing sheep breeding and fattening, and expanding its pineapple and banana plantations.

Gojeb Agricultural Development lies on 2,548 hectares of land, of which about 2,000 is cultivable, of which our current land use plan envisages 50% for livestock development, 25% for fruits and vegetables and the rest 25% for annual crops, involving double cropping for the latter using irrigation. On the other hand, the area is well known for its Bonga breed sheep stock, which is widely known for its superior quality mutton. Our latest expansion projects, which include introduction of modern agricultural technologies, will make the enterprise diversify from its traditional specialization on maize production to include fruits and vegetables, on top of the sheep-fattening program. The 15 million dollar expansion project by HORIZON will soon be a major vehicle to meet HORIZON's plan to make Ethiopia a major competitor in the global market.

Currently, Gojeb provides the local market with 3,000 tons of maize, 300 tons of banana and significant quantity of other fruits and vegetables. The future promises a remarkable increase in the production and processing of pineapple and papaya, banana cultivation and packaging, as well as sheep breeding, fattening and feed processing facilities.

OUR EMPLOYEES Gojeb Agricultural Development has 145 permanent and 400 seasonal employees involved in the different production activities of the farm. As we do at all our other farms, we provide basic and necessary social services free of charge, including housing, schooling, electricity, potable water and medical services at farm level to all our employees and their family.

OUR MISSION is to transform Gojeb Agricultural Development into a modern, financially viable and technically sound agro-industrial complex that will guarantee a sustainable employment to its workforce serving as a continuous technology transfer center and a source of foreign earning to the nation.