Limmu Coffee Farm

Limmu Coffee Farm is the largest modern coffee planation in the country.

Limmu Coffee Farm located in the Oromia Regional State is geographically found in the most ideal coffee-producing area of the country. It lies around Jimma town, in Jimma Zone about 350 km West of Addis Ababa. The farm covers a total land area of 12,114 hectare of which nearly 8,000 hectare is covered with coffee. The six farms under Limmu Coffee Farm administration makes the farm the largest owner of modern coffee plantation in the country.

Limmu Coffee Farm was established as the first modern coffee plantation in Ethiopia nearly forty years ago, following the nationalization of land by the former regime. Like Bebeka Coffee Estate, Limmu Coffee Farm was also one of the public owned enterprises, managed under Coffee Plantation Development Enterprise, since its establishment in 1980. HORIZON Plantations PLC brought Limmu Coffee Farm into its folds starting November 2013 with a prime focus of boosting the Farm's coffee production by more than a quarter from its current production in the next five years. In addition, HORIZON Plantations has an over all target to increase the ratio of washed coffee produced by the farm from the current 70% to 90% in the coming few years.

Limmu Coffee farm is divided into six farms namely Gomma-1, Gomma-2, Kossa, Suntu, Gummer and Cheleleki, all of which situated at higher altitudes, in the range of 1300-1900 meters above sea level (MASL). Each of these six farms produces and supplies distinctly unique and traceable coffee type having unique flavors and aroma, due to the varying ecological and climatic attributes of each farm. In addition, to the ample rainfall that all our farms receive, they are all endowed with abundant river water that flows through the farms giving them an even greater potential for supplementary irrigation. Our farms have deep, well drained, friable and highly fertile soils that are rich in organic matter. Furthermore, they are characteristically brown to red in color and with pH values of 4.5 to 5.8; which in general makes them highly suitable for coffee growing.

Currently, Limmu Coffee Farm produces and supplies over 5000 MT of distinctly unique, traceable, and high quality washed and sundried coffee to the world market from its six farms. The Limmu coffee is well known and highly praised for its winey flavor, full body and pointed acidity due to the higher altitudes and agro ecology where the coffee trees are allowed to grow luxuriously under shade. In almost all cases, our coffees from the six farms are certified with UTZ KAPEH, Rainforest Alliance, 4C Associations and Organic. We are also finalizing all the requirements to get the C.A.F.E Practices certificate. The farm also has a huge potential to produce cereals (such as maize), horticultural crops, livestock and organic honey.

OUR EMPLOYEES Limmu Coffee Farm has more than 4,000 permanent employees engaged in different technical and on farm activities, together with more well above 6,000 seasonal workers which in most cases are directly involved in the production and processing activities. Overall, the Limmu Coffee Farm supports the livelihood of some 40 thousand citizens. We provide basic, social and economic services for our employees and their families, including housing, schooling (from kindergarten to high school), health services, potable water, electricity, and recreational facilities free of charge.

OUR MISSION Is to coordinate our resources in producing and processing the best quality and quantity of both washed and sun dried coffee while ensuring good agricultural practices, thereby expanding our coffee supply to the international market. In addition, our mission is to also play a leading role in transferring appropriate modern technology to the surrounding farmers and other private growers in the vicinity.