BEBEKA Coffee Estate Plc

Bebeka Coffee Estate Plc. is the biggest non-fragmented coffee plantation in the world located in the South West part of Ethiopia.

Bebeka Coffee Estate Plc. is the biggest non-fragmented coffee plantation in the world located in the South West part of the Country. This over 10,000 hectares estate is uniquely situated in the remnant tropical rainforests of the country, which is known to be part of the area identified as the original home of Arabica Coffee. It is a well designed modern Coffee Estate that is divided into blocks of 25ha, each of which is planted with its own specific coffee variety and a well documented block history.

Bebeka Coffee Estate was one of the public owned enterprises, which used to be managed under different governmental institutions, in most of the cases by the Coffee Plantation Development Enterprise, since its establishment in 1975. HORIZON Plantations brought Bebeka Coffee Estate into its folds in August 2011 with a prime focus on improving and enhancing the then poor production, productivity and quality of coffee the farm was producing. The initial objective also encompasses production and export of world-class spices, i.e. boosting the poor quality and meager volume of black pepper it produces. On the other hand, it also envisaged diversifying the type and quality of export oriented spice crop production making use of the prevailing suitable agro ecology.

Of the total land area of 10,030 hectares under Bebeka, more than half (over 5,556 hectare), is covered with modern Arabica Coffee plantation. Blessed with ideal precipitation, as well as the luring fertility of the land and its rich agro ecology, all our coffee trees are grown under shade. All these in turn are known to improve their quality significantly, giving the coffee beans a unique aroma, flavor, acidity and body. Thus, among others, guaranteeing the supply of the best quality traceable coffee in sustainable manner is our hallmark.

Our Estate is enriched with over 26 varieties of Arabica coffee, including the world renowned Geisha. Our indigenous Geisha coffee grows under the shade of pristine forest making this particular coffee one of the prominent and premium coffee types in the world market. The Geisha town, which as the name indicates, is known to be the origin of this variety, it is located within the Bench Maji Zone that is at a close proximity to Bebeka. This part of the country where Bebeka is located is the prime belt that is known as the center of origin and diversity of Coffea Arabica.

All our coffees are certified with the Rainforest Alliance, UTZ KAPEH, Organic and 4C Association, as all the production and processing technologies we use and the systems we adopted were eco-friendly, giving strong emphasis to fulfill the varied social responsibilities we are expected to put in place.In addition, the plantation also produces considerable quantities of Black pepper, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger and turmeric meant for both local and international markets; and has a trial plot for the production of vanilla along coffee. Our maiden export of high quality dried black pepper came in 2012 heralding a new era in the decade's history of Bebeka Coffee Estate. This was also a pioneer endeavor for the country, showing the spice world the untapped potentials that Ethiopia has in producing and supplying best quality black pepper and other types of lowland spices to the world market. This has also indicated the huge possibility it has as a prominent competent nation to the historical producers and suppliers of black pepper to the world.

The Estate also runs a beekeeping scheme to enhance pollination of its coffee trees using over 500 beehives, thereby producing and supplying high quality organic honey from the natural vegetation within its premises. Eventually, it is working to boost the production maximizing the number of hives to over 1,000 and employing out growers scheme. We also have a state of the art processing machinery underway for refining and packing our organic honey soon to be available in the global market.

OUR EMPLOYEES Bebeka currently has more than 2200 permanent and 94 contractual workers. During peak times, we have about 5,000 - 7,000 seasonal employees, while it provides home to more than 30,000 family members of its workers. We readily avail all the basic and necessary social services to all members of the farm's community free of charge. Among others, the services we render include housing, schools of different levels, potable water, electricity, health care, recreation facilities and much more.

COFFEE TOURISM Visitors are always welcome to our Estate, nature's masterpiece, to experience the unique biodiversity. The farm is endowed with different flora and fauna of all sorts within its highly protected agroecologies, i.e. its tropical forest reserves, landforms, water bodies, etc. Any one who will be visiting our plantation at any one time will be so elated and easily fall in love with the natural scenery at Bebeka. Our guesthouses that provide accommodation and catering services make the stay of our visitors pleasantly unforgettable. The facilities we have in place for our visitors will thus enable them to stay in the plantation comfortably, while having a first-hand practical experience in the cultivation, production, and depending on the season also processing of the different coffee types at their homeland.