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HORIZON Plantations motivated to do more after International Food & Beverages Quality Award

HORIZON Plantations motivated to do more after International Food & Beverages Quality Award

Ethiopia’s leading company in the agro-industry sector, HORIZON Plantations PLC, is motivated to do more to further develop agriculture in Ethiopia after receiving the International Food and Beverages Quality Award.

HORIZON is already at the forefront of transforming agriculture in Ethiopia and boosting agricultural productivity in line with the country’s plan for overall economic development, said Ato Feleke Taddese, Deputy Managing Director of HORIZON Plantations.

“Transforming Ethiopia’s agriculture taking it to the highest level growth possible has always been the core of HORIZON’s unwavering commitment and vision. We are now more motivated by the International Food and Beverages Quality Award to do even more towards that vision,” Ato Feleke added.

The International Food and Beverages Quality Award presentation took place on January 30, 2017 the award presentation of took place at the Hotel Meliá Castilla in Madrid, Spain. It was organized by the Global Trade Leaders’ Club to bring together companies from all over the world who work in the Food and Beverages sectors.

The awards were created to distinguish and stimulate companies belonging to such important fields of activities, according to the organisers.

Among the 15 companies that received this globally prestigious award, HORIZON Plantations PLC is the only representative from Ethiopia.

Along with HORIZON, Alsayer Soft Drinks Factory Co.W.L.L of Kuwait, Cooperative Agro Pastorale of Congo, Dar Al Lahm of Morocco, Dimaria S.A of Argentina, Fabias SH.P.K. of Albania, Homefoods Processing & Cannery ltd. Of Ghana, Huilerie Doueit of Morocco, Maunlad Canning Corporation of Philippines, Munch & Crunch Sweets Manufacturing of United Arab Emirates, Nicolas Brogin – Grido Helado of Argentina, Pembe Flour Mills LT of Kenya, Petrus – “The Highland Fox” Whiskey of Ukraine, Sicopal – SOC.IND. E COM. DA PRAIA AMELIA LDA. of Angola and Societe FINI Fishing Sarl of Morocco are the 2017 International Food and Beverages Quality Award winners.

Represented by Deputy Managing Director Ato Feleke Taddese, HORIZON Plantations received this Award for its finest coffee beans supplied to the world. The vast coffee fields of Bebeka farms with more than 10,030 hectares produce the rare and antique variety – the world famous and indigenous Geisha Coffee. Bebeka takes exceptional care for its varieties, selection, production and processing through innovative technologies to present the market the finest indigenous Geisha – HORIZON’s newest offering coming from the original homeland. The other biggest coffee plantation – Limmu coffee are distinctly unique and known for its cup quality of winey flavor, full body and pointed acidity due to the ideal agro-ecology of the farms on 12,116 hectares of land.

HORIZON Plantations PLC is a specialized arm of the MIDROC conglomerate that was established in December 2009. The strategy employed by the Company has positioned this young investment group as a leader in the subsector after only five years of its establishment. Over the last five years, HORIZON has grown from a single Company into a group of six enterprises (four plantations and two agro-processing industries) located across the width and breadth of Ethiopia.

HORIZON’s coffee Plantations, Bebeka Coffee Estate (10,030 hectares) and Limmu Coffee Farm (12,116 hectare) make HORIZON the largest coffee plantation in the world with over 22,000 hectares of land area. In addition, between the two coffee plantations it owns more than 50% of Ethiopia’s modern coffee plantation making HORIZON the largest source of traceable and certified coffees out of Ethiopia.

The Global Trade Leaders´ Club was created to maintain close relationship established between employers receiving this award. The promotion of business values and their recognition lies within the club´s main aims. It also wishes to stimulate companies in their difficult path against regular challenges within their activities.

The January 2017 event is expected to be the beginning of long and fruitful relationships among its members. “We wish to promote relationships between enterprises and organisations working worldwide without any geographical or political distinction. With the Global Trade Leaders´ Club, we expect to achieve something which is essential and is becoming a necessity for active people: the idea that commercial relations go hand in hand with human relations,” the Club stated in a message sent to HORIZON.