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Our Enterprise - Horizon Addis Tyre S.C.
We supply the market with tyres for passenger car, light truck and trucks and buses. Our future goal is to produce radial tyres for light trucks, agricultural OTR and industrial tyres.

Moving the nation!

Horizon Addis Tyre, formerly Addis Tyre S.C. (ATC), is the only tyre manufacturer in Ethiopia. It was jointly owned by the Ethiopian government and European tyre manufacturing companies before HORIZON Plantations PLC bought the stakes forming a new joint venture with the Ethiopian government under a new name, Horizon Addis Tyre S.C. (HATSC). Under HORIZON management, the company has seen a major boost in its capital and capacity. The current and future undertakings of Horizon Addis Tyre S.C. thus includes, among others, improving quality and production capacity of existing nylon products, introducing new product category especially light truck and truck radial tyres and building human capital.

History – Located in south-eastern part of the capital, Addis Ababa, ATC was established in 1973 as a state enterprise. For about 30 years it operated under full ownership of the government before its partial privatization took it through subsequent joint ventures between ATC (government) and the Slovakian tyre manufacturer, MATADOR – A.S. since June 2004. Operation under the new share company arrangement commenced in July 2004 with the hybrid trade name of MATADOR-Addis Tyre S.C. However, due to shift in business focus, MATADOR transferred its share to Continental AG on October 23, 2007. Then, lack of focus on the side of Continental AG, led to a period when there was no significant progress on the initiatives started since MATADOR-Addis Tyre S.C. was started. HORIZON Plantations, therefore, decided to buy the share of Continental AG in January 2011, to revive the company and take it to a new height.

Horizon Addis Tyre S.C. is the only tyre manufacturer in the country. We provide quality products at competitive prices than any imported tyre. Our after sales services make us unique. Our products – We supply the market with tyres for passenger car, light truck and trucks and buses. Our future goal is to produce for light truck radial tyres , agricultural OTR and industrial nylon tyres.

OUR EMPLOYEES When first established in 1973, the total labour force of Addis Tyre was 260 people. The company has grown over the years with the number of its employees growing more currently at more than 667 workers. This number will increase to 800 with the implementation of the envisaged expansion projects since HORIZON bought stakes.

OUR MISSION To design, develop and manufacture passenger, light truck and truck tyres of bias and radial construction and sell mainly in the local market and export substantial amount to neighbouring markets and COMMESSA countries.

To explore even further, please visit www.horizon-atc.com